Technology solutions that connect your audiences to the great things you do.

With many top-tier clients on our roster, we can help you grow your business.

Easily amplify enterprise digital marketing campaigns by leveraging advisor distribution

Manage your Advisors’ website activity, analytics, and updates all in one dashboard. Digital Agent gives enterprise marketers the ability to control the marketing channels, while also providing Advisors with the flexibility to create unique campaigns that they believe will be most effective in reaching their target market.

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Deliver a consistent brand and messaging across all channels with one platform

Ensure brand consistency by managing the use of approved and standard corporate logos through automation. Ensure your standard web colour palette is used across all of your Advisor websites. Load your font web styles and prevent changes to heading sizes and font types.

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We are always innovating, looking for the next impactful solution

Veriday Labs is continually innovating, tweaking and developing ideas. There are dozens of innovations that have come out of the Lab, not all of them have become fully-fledged products, but many are integrated into various Professional Services projects we complete for our clients. While the lab is always working, we can’t disclose the details of all of our ongoing projects because we do not know which direction these ideas will move going forward.

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Technology solutions that connect your audiences to the great things you do.

With many top-tier clients on our roster, we can help you grow your business.

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