Manulife empowers Advisors to take control of their online presence with Veriday’s Digital Agent solution

January 20, 2014, Toronto – Veriday, a leading digital marketing automation firm specializing in online brand transformation for investment advisors and financial institutions, has just deployed their Digital Agent marketing solution to Manulife Financial. In a relationship based business, Manulife understands that a robust online presence for advisors and insurance agents is no longer an option, but a must. Digital Agent enables advisors to easily take control of their online presence and become digital marketing experts.

“Clients and prospects today want online engagement. They want access to relevant and timely information and empowering our advisors with a comprehensive website solution to fulfill this need helps them to grow their practices and reach while strengthening existing relationships,”

Veriday’s Digital Agent is the result of over two years of in-depth research with professionals across the financial industry including major banks and boutiques. “Our goal was to build a solution for advisors to increase the return on their digital marketing investments while maintaining brand consistency and minimizing regulatory compliance risk. Working directly with marketing and compliance specialists during the development of Digital Agent, has ensured our platform is leading edge, robust, and intuitive to use,” says Marc Lamoureux, President and CEO, Veriday.

Digital Agent empowers marketing and compliance teams to push out well executed pre-approved content that help the advisor create a stronger online presence with minimal effort. The platform features drag and drop components such as financial calculators and access to a built-in library of professionally written content. Advisors can also author and create content for approval creating a website that is tailored to their practice. A digital marketing dashboard of robust data and analytics helps them easily gauge the impact of their online presence.

As the need for online and social media presence continues to evolve, Veriday is at the forefront of social trends and is already enhancing their platform to provide a central hub for integrating all of the advisors’ marketing efforts including social engagement, eNewsletters and digital campaigns.  “It’s an exciting time as the financial services industry has realized that they must help advisors adapt to changes in client online engagement. Digital Agent is also mobile ready which has become critical as investors are embracing this technology. Best of all, our underlying platform is based on standard enterprise technology which ensures that integration with dealer systems is cost effective and efficient,” notes Lamoureux.

Announcing French Language Support

Parlez-vous Français? If you do the I have some news for you. French language support is here, and it’s here to stay.

Digital Agent now has the capability of fully supporting the creation of both a French and English website. Digital Agent’s French support allows advisor users to author content in both French and English without compromising a visitor’s user experience to the website. Visitors can toggle between the two languages to suit their browsing needs.

Pre-approved content features have also been enhanced to accommodate for French. This means that content stored in the pre-approved content library and subsequently used on advisor websites can also be bilingual in nature.

What about creative corporate artifacts? No problem, Digital Agent gracefully handles French logos, standard footer elements like links and disclaimers and can even handle other colour palettes if needed.

Stay tuned for more languages that will be added in the coming months!

If you’d like to see a demonstration of this new feature or a full demo of Digital Agent, please contact

The Business Case for Liferay

Veriday has been in the business of implementing Liferay Solutions since 2005. Over these years, almost all of our customers have asked us about the business case for Liferay in order to justify its investment.

Many development shops understand and see the benefits of the use of the Liferay platform from a technology perspective, but many have a challenge selling it to various business stakeholders. In fact, we get asked this question about once or twice a week by an organization’s technical leader. Well, we’re here to help and hopefully this article will help you or someone in your organization understand the business benefits of using Liferay.

When we think about developing a business case, we need to ask ourselves what key criteria is going to be used to evaluate the decision for a particular technology platform. Some of the most common ones we’ve heard are the following:

1. Is it easy to use?
2. How will this technology platform mitigate downstream risk?
3. How will this technology platform mitigate downstream cost (think about Total Cost of Ownership)?
4. Can it meet my needs as we grow?

For ease of use balanced with technical complexity, size of organization and potential collaboration and integration scenarios, organizations of medium or enterprise class require a product strong enough to withstand reasonably heavy use. It needs to be feature rich enough to deliver both workflow scenarios and content control, and flexible enough to meet changing priorities and growth. Liferay is a portal solution providing more features than other products that are either CMS or are CMS systems with some plug-ins. Liferay provides out-of-the-box capabilities and a management interface that allows clients to be up and running in a very short period of time. Many other enterprise class platforms tend to have higher maintenance costs and an extremely high level of technical competency required to maintain a website such as Sharepoint.

Let’s face it, Liferay is an enterprise-class platform ranked highly by industry experts such as Gartner. This system supports a set of widely accepted industry standards, for example, the Sun Java Portlet Specification. This makes Liferay a more reliable product because it integrates more easily with other applications already  in place in IT environments and enables integration with other entities. No other open source tool comes with ready to implement features such as Facebook integration, message boards, blogs, wikis, and event calendars to immediately meet certain business requirements.

Liferay is an open source product which provides more value for dollar, yet provides product enhancements, stability and support through its Enterprise product line which is extremely cost effective.

Stay tuned for more posts on this topic but let’s use this as a start. Future posts will focus more on the specific topics of the business case and why this can be a strategic technology investment. Some of those topics include:

  • Open Source for a sustainable, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Enterprise class solution delivering scalability and corporate support.
  • Standards based support for straightforward integrations with stakeholders, partners and legacy systems in accordance with national and provincial standards.
  • A well-funded corporate presence with strong industry credentials and a solid business plan.

If you’re interested in something specific, get in touch with us and we’ll write about it!