6 Financial Marketing trends that are taking over the Wealth Management Sector

The role of the Investment Advisor is changing

No longer is the Advisor the only link between the client and their investments. Robo-advisors, investment forums, trading tools and the Internet in general, has become an important part of an investor’s activities. Increasingly, the Investment Advisor is becoming just one of several in influencers. Clients are becoming more con dent and knowledgeable with higher expectations from their Advisors. Providing ongoing and consistent advice to clients, and regular information-rich touch points is becoming more critical.

Key Take-Away for Financial Marketers:  In order to maintain regular contact with their clients, Advisors need to have a roster of tools to make it easier.  As a Marketer who is supporting Advisor’s business and marketing, you need to ensure you are providing the tools to your Advisors that enable them to push out compliant information to clients and prospects.  This includes a dynamic website, compliant emails, and the ability to blog and use social media.

Download the eBook below to discover the other trends that are taking over the wealth management sector.  Topics include:

  1. The implications of social media and its adoption
  2. Brand consistency has become a higher priority but more complex to manage
  3. The role of video
  4. Content Marketing is still going strong
  5. Email is not going away

Financial Marketing Trends


What financial marketing trends did we miss? What trends do you think will take over in 2017? Let us know over on @VeridayHQ. For more insights, head over to our blog.

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