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New Feature Announcement: Blogging and Event Promotion

Advisors with Digital Agent websites can now use two new features to attract new visitors to their website; blogging and event promotion. They will now have the ability to blog on their website and the ability to promote upcoming client-facing events they are hosting. These two new features will help extend the capabilities of Digital […]

How should I design my website menu?

Your website menu, often called “Tabs” or “Navigation” is a critical component for your website. Getting it right will help you accomplish two key goals. Your users will have a positive experience finding information on your website and Google will equally have an easier time crawling and ranking your website in search results. User and […]

New Interactive Widgets for Digital Agent!

We’re excited to launch a number of different interactive widgets to our library! Google Maps has never been so easy! Have you always wanted an interactive Google map on your website that your visitors can use to find your exact location? Well, look no further. As long as you’ve correctly typed in your address in […]

New Features: Pre-Approved Pages

As of today, enterprise marketing users can continue to support their advisors web presence by using our newest authoring feature for Pre-approved pages. Yes, that’s right. With the help of enterprise marketing, advisor users can add fully populated pages to their website in 2 easy steps. Enterprise marketing support teams will create these pages with […]


Acquiring the Young Investor as Your Client

I recently came across an interesting article discussing a current trend occurring in the investment advisor business arena. In short, the article warns advisors who have practices consisting mostly of either wealthy baby boomers on the verge of retirement or in retirement; “… the retirement-age population is expected to rise to nearly 20% of the U.S. population […]


The Importance of Software Configuration Management for Portal Projects

Many enterprise organizations treat large scale portal projects like regular application development projects. This potentially leads to many downstream negative impacts affecting the maintainability and stability of a portal environment. A common pitfall that many organizations fall victim to, is the lack of the proper software configuration management (SCM) processes for their portal projects and […]

Manulife empowers Advisors to take control of their online presence with Veriday’s Digital Agent solution

January 20, 2014, Toronto – Veriday, a leading digital marketing automation firm specializing in online brand transformation for investment advisors and financial institutions, has just deployed their Digital Agent marketing solution to Manulife Financial. In a relationship based business, Manulife understands that a robust online presence for advisors and insurance agents is no longer an […]

Announcing French Language Support

Parlez-vous Français? If you do the I have some news for you. French language support is here, and it’s here to stay. Digital Agent now has the capability of fully supporting the creation of both a French and English website. Digital Agent’s French support allows advisor users to author content in both French and English […]

The Business Case for Liferay

Veriday has been in the business of implementing Liferay Solutions since 2005. Over these years, almost all of our customers have asked us about the business case for Liferay in order to justify its investment. Many development shops understand and see the benefits of the use of the Liferay platform from a technology perspective, but […]