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15 Inspirational Customer Experience Quotes that Relate to Business

In today’s digital landscape, a great customer experience is crucial. Customers have the power to choose between competing companies with a simple Google search. As Doug Warmer, former chairman of the board of J.P. Morgan & Co said, “it’s important to remember that your competitor is only one mouse click away.” Given that it costs […]


3rd Annual Digital Marketing For Financial Services Summit

Everything Digital for Financial Services Marketers Veriday is a proud to be sponsoring, speaking and exhibiting at the 3rd Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit (November 15-16, New York), one of the largest Digital Marketing gatherings specifically for Financial Services Marketers. Learn game changing strategies to increase omni-channel ROI, get ahead of disruptive technologies and […]

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Is Digital Transformation in your Organization’s Future?

Digital transformation has become an overused phrase in the workplace. According to Forbes, digital transformation is the use of technologies to radically improve the performance or reach of an enterprise. 78% of respondents across a wide range of industries said that achieving digital transformation is a priority for them within the next 2 years (MIT […]

The Network of Giving Alliance Welcomes Veriday

Using Everyday Digital Transactions to Drive Social Change BOSTON–September 22nd, 2016–Veriday Inc., a digital marketing and technology company, joins the Network of Giving Alliance LLC (NOG), an organization which delivers technology solutions to support important causes and communities around the world. Veriday will provide its expertise in leading edge technologies to support the market deployment […]

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Financial Advisors: Driving Website Traffic and Improving Search Engine Rankings

The topics and questions from this series of articles are derived from our survey on blog topics. What topics would you like us to cover in future blogs, webinars, and eBooks? Fill out this quick survey and we will generate content to answer your questions. Thank you to all of those who have participated. Question: […]

A Business Case for a Digital Marketing & Compliance Platform in Financial Services

The convergence of digital, social, and mobile technology is changing consumers’ behaviours, preferences, and most importantly, expectations. Although consumers’ behaviour is changing, financial institutions have been traditionally slow to change and evolve with consumer expectations. There are legitimate reasons for Financial Services’ resistance to change. Their size, complex back-office technology, and the need to comply […]

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The Future of Customer Service is Online Self-Service Portals

We’ve all been there. We have all been on the receiving end of the frustrating “hold music” when you’ve called an organization to resolve an issue. “One moment please. Your call is important to us. A representative will be with you shortly”…repeated… again….and again. Being put on hold when you call a customer-service department has […]