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Why Businesses Need to Think Like Sharks

Sharks are among the most famous creatures in the ocean. There are many different types of sharks, but they all think similarly. Sharks as a whole have a similar mindset. I often catch myself wondering, how can businesses think like sharks? I have always been a fan of Sharks. They are among my favorite aquatic […]


How to leverage human interaction to improve digital experiences

In a survey about improving business processes, the improvement that customers requested most from businesses was better human service. Even in the digital age, consumers prefer human interaction and personal experiences.   A key challenge for brands moving forward is finding ways to offer personalized human service in the broader context of an omnichannel engagement […]

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The Irony of Social Selling in the Digital Area

Social selling in the digital area occurs when salespeople use social media to interact directly with prospects. It involves developing relationships by interacting with prospects on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Social selling and digital marketing are different things, although they work well in tandem. Digital marketing focuses on sending out messages […]


Social Selling is Not the Same as Social Media

Social selling is defined by LinkedIn as: “leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.” Now, for many salespeople this seems intuitive, “How else are you going to make sales?” You need a way to meet potential buyers, and cold-calling is a waste of time […]


The Human Side of Digital Engagement

Over the last decade, digital engagement has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. As the internet has grown from an academic and military repository to the hub for commerce, engagement, and content, people have changed their expectations about online experiences. In fact, expectations have changed so much that, according to Gartner, 85% of […]

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Brand Personification: Why Should You Care?

The financial service industry has traditionally relied on word-of-mouth marketing to attract business. Financial advisors and other agents would rely on referrals from their current clients to gain new clients. These marketing methods are becoming antiquated, thanks in large part to a fundamental change in how people research and purchase services.  These days, people engage in […]

The Healing Power of Coffee

We can debate the health merits of coffee and tea but there is no doubt that its availability and consumption is connected to employee satisfaction, culture and, to a lesser degree, performance. The office coffee ecosystem is simple and sometimes appears way too vital to the daily operation. Like many companies we have a coffee […]

The Greater Good

We just got these new whiteboards and they big and heavy! The bad news is we did not hire anyone to install them. Currently, we’re using them while they are leaned up against our walls. Now that we’re growing, we need to mount them on the wall to take back the extra space. Without question, […]