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How an Intranet Can Elevate Employee Engagement

Over the last few years, intranet technology has evolved tremendously. From a simple online notice board to a technological opportunity with endless capabilities. Intranets have the ability to elevate employee engagement, enhance customer experience, and so much more. According to Dale Carnegie, 90% of leaders think an engagement strategy will have an impact on business […]

The 3 Key Areas You Must Improve If You’re A Bank

This post was written by Martin Yan and appeared here first on Liferay.com. ————————— The banking industry is trending up. With greater accountability and transparency in our institutions, customers are finally coming around to their banks. Confidence is being restored and their trust is growing. For once, the future of banking looks quite bright. But competition is also on the […]


Financial Advisors: Using Niche Marketing to Grow your Business

As more people obtain their CFP certification, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Advisors to prove their value over competitors. It used to be common for small businesses to market themselves as a “one-stop shop.”   This made sense when it was difficult to access a range of Financial Advisors. However, with the arrival of the […]

Advisors: How to Engage Early Stage Prospects

It is safe to say that the buyer’s journey has changed. Customers now conduct most of their own research, and engage with more online content to support their decisions. However, in today’s self-educated world, we know that the online information pool is vast and buyers are picking and choosing content to support their decisions and […]

Marketing Financial Advisory Services in a Noisy Digital World

This post was authored by Marie Swift and originally appeared here on GuideVine. Khalid Usmani, who is the Director of Advisors Success at GuideVine, and Marie Swift, who heads up PR and marketing consulting firm Impact Communications, recently spoke about marketing Financial Advisory services in a noisy digital world. The audio interview can be accessed here: […]


Learn How to Put Customers First at Liferay Symposium NA

This post was written by Angela Wu and appeared here first on Liferay.com. A Conversation with Customers: Liferay Digital Experience Platform As digital transformation continues to inform the way we live, work, and play, we expect companies and brands to understand what we’re looking for. Businesses have a great opportunity to hear their customers, understand the problems they […]