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Alternatives to SAP Enterprise Portal

In today’s economy, businesses stand to benefit from implementing an enterprise-class portal that provides consistent access to tools that improve productivity, fuel innovation, and improve customer satisfaction. The enterprise portal has become an integral part of today’s leading businesses, as it brings together its various applications, information, business units and services, on one common platform.   […]

Financial and Insurance Advisors: How to Build Sales Without Being Too ‘Salesy’ Part 2

In this series, we are addressing techniques on how to build sales without being too ‘’salesy’’ or pushy. In this article, we will cover techniques 5 through 7. Read the first part of this series here. 5. Content Marketing Never has it been so easy or affordable for Advisors to connect directly with their target markets. Social […]

Financial and Insurance Advisors: How to Build Sales Without Being Too ‘Salesy’ Part 1

Often people think of salespeople as being pushy or aggressive. We have all experienced the pushy salesman that hasn’t stopped talking to listen and leaves you feeling as though you were forced to say ‘’yes’’. Many salespeople don’t think about whether they are being perceived as pushy and don’t realize that their style may be actually […]


Social Media Considerations for Advisors: YouTube

YouTube, owned by Google, is a free video-sharing social networking website developed in 2005. YouTube allows users to upload, watch and share originally created videos. Anybody can watch and share videos on YouTube but to access additional features a person must register for an account. YouTube users can communicate with each other through comments, responses, […]

The Top Reasons Why Enterprises are Choosing Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is the leading open source enterprise portal, with a large customer base across many different industries. Since 2005, we’ve been building innovative solutions for our clients using the Liferay Portal.  At Veriday, we believe in Liferay’s unique approach to building web experiences in order to help build relationships with customers and employees across […]