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How to use Jenkins CI to deploy Liferay apps (Part 1)

Who is Jenkins CI? Jenkins CI is an open source continuous integration server we use at Veriday to automate our builds and deployments to various environments. It is used at various companies including eBay, GitHub, Facebook, Liferay, Netflix, LinkedIn and many more. You can run your own instance in your office like we do, or […]

How to Proxy Liferay Using Nginx

In this post we will describe the top 5 reasons to use Nginx as a proxy in front of your Liferay application. What is Nginx? Nginx is a light-weight and popular HTTP and reverse proxy server. According to Netcraft, Nginx today serves 20% of the top 1,000,000 busiest websites. We started using Nginx over the past […]

Backbone.js Patterns: User notification system

At Veriday, we have been using Backbone.js to build rich web applications for a few years now. During this period we developed different patterns to make us more efficient building apps using Backbone.js as well as to enforce certain user experience standards across our applications. In this post, we will talk about our “BaseModel” and […]

Rich Internet Applications Using Backbone.js and Liferay

It’s 2014 and your portal needs to get RICH! It’s no longer enough to have a portal that just works and presents information to your end users from multiple different sources. Today, it’s just as important to have a rich and easy to use interface. The tooling available for the front-end today is the best […]

Ant Colonies Solve User Interface Challenges

I just read a great article on Embracing Complexity by the Harvard Business Review and I got a crazy idea about using the same “ant colony” metaphor to breakdown user interface design and architecture. There is a lot to learn from an ant colony and these lessons can be applied to many complex problems as the article […]