Unlocking Digital: How Financial Companies Master Modern Marketing

Unlocking Digital: How Financial Companies Master Modern Marketing

Our new eBook, Unlocking Digital: How Financial Companies Master Modern Marketing, presents the secrets to leveraging modern marketing and scaling your business via the web.


It is safe to say that the arrival of digital has taken over marketing. Across all industries lies the challenge of keeping up with evolving digital innovation, customer behaviours and expectations. Although business processes and consumer behaviour has changed significantly, financial institutions have been traditionally slow to change and evolve with consumer expectations. There are, however, legitimate reasons for Financial Services’ resistance to change. Their size, complex back end technology, and the need to comply with FINRA and IIROC regulations, make it difficult to adapt existing infrastructure, regulations, and processes to meet the growing digital needs of their Advisors and clients.

More than ever though, consumers are relying on online searches to learn about financial products and services.  A robust, engaging and humanizing online presence for Advisors and Financial Institutions is a must, but Advisors have been traditionally treated as static brochure sites lacking the interactive features and relevant content required in today’s competitive digital landscape. This is due to both perceived lack of value and the challenges associated with head office marketing and compliance team’s ability to scale their services to large teams.

As a result, many Financial Institutions are playing catch up and have missed the opportunity to increase their reach and impact of marketing campaigns through their front line agents. The Advisor network is the touch point between Financial Institutions and its customers. If Advisors and sales agents fail to unlock digital marketing the way they should, and cling to antiquated marketing tactics, as most do, business suffers. But, as a dealer-broker, you have the power to come to their aid.

But, where do you start?

Where do you start and how can you adopt the emerging trends given the institutional and regulatory constraints? In your line of sight right now is a “must-read” guide. Though it’d be unfair to tell you digital marketing is simple just because we offer a solution expressly built for financial institutions, we will slay the beast by helping you understand:

1) The vital role of the advisor website

2) How publishing helpful content is central to success

3) Where social media comes into play

4) How email marketing is used to generate new business

5) Why digital marketing analytics enables perpetual improvement

6) How automation makes digital marketing processes efficient and effective

This ebook is crammed with secrets to powering and scaling your digital marketing strategy and engagement. So without further ado, download your eBook below. 

Unlocking Digital: How Financial Companies are mastering modern marketing