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Veriday is a Liferay Platinum Partner. We’ve been successfully designing and implementing solutions using the Liferay Portal in Canada and the United States since 2005. We are one of Liferay’s strongest partners because we do more than just development. At Veriday, we combine design thinking and technical engineering to create high performing user experiences. We help you to achieve an enterprise capability that will empower you to exceed your business objectives. Our ground up approach ensures you are building a sustainable long-term platform for business agility and growth.

Liferay’s unique approach to developing web experiences helps build a relationship with your customers and employees across the lifecycle. Liferay’s portal foundation makes it easy to get a fuller view of your customer and employee relationships and tailor experiences from start to finish. We recommend the adoption of Liferay Portal because of its enterprise scalability, integration and robust product roadmap. Customer portals, employee portals, partner employees, we’ve done it all with Liferay. Our customer portfolio continues to grow with organizations in the Financial, Healthcare and Retail Services.

Liferay Platinum Partner

Veriday is a Liferay Platinum Partner offering extensive technological expertise in the form of professional services and technical support. We share Liferay’s commitment to provide innovative solutions for clients and consistently design, implement and support successful projects using Liferay Portal. We hold a recognizable and trusted presence in Canada and the United States. Our dedicated team of technology professionals are certified on Liferay and are continuously refinining their product and technical skills.

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