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Why Use Veriday Professional Services

At Veriday, we deliver professional services to deliver technology solutions helping organizations meet business objectives. Through design thinking and technical engineering, solutions created are high performing digital and user experiences.

With a strong history in successful digital transformation projects, our focus is on creating exceptional customer experiences and modernizing business operations. Our ground up approach ensures together we are building a sustainable long-term platform for business agility and growth.


Delivery of Project roadmaps

Project management from start to finish tracking deliverables


Seamlessly integrate proprietory solutions into new technologies

Allows for easy transition


Increased productivity by over 50%

Increased Collaboration cutting project time down by 40%

Who is Liferay and why do we partner with them?

We’ve been successfully designing and implementing solutions using Liferay since 2005. We are one of Liferay’s strongest partners because we do more than just development. At Veriday, we combine design thinking and technical engineering to create high performing digital and user experiences.

Liferay’s unique approach to developing web experiences helps build a relationship with your customers and employees across the lifecycle. Companies use Liferay to engage prospects, onboard new customers, support existing customers, and create communities for loyal users. One platform for the whole customer journey. We recommend the adoption of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform because of its enterprise scalability, integration and robust product roadmap. Customer portals, employee portals, partner employees, we’ve done it all with Liferay.