Your Advisor Portal Is Hurting Productivity by 40%

By having a 30 minute call with one of our portal experts will help you:

•  Assess the current state of your portal
•  Understand what areas of your portal are slowing down productivity
•  Identify some initial next steps to improving productivity and ultimately business results.

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51% say that “clearly defined processes and systems” would have the greatest impact on advisors’ business

Only 13% of advisors feel in complete control of their time

31% say the greatest perceived obstacle is increased administrative burden

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The Business Challenge

We have helped a number of financial enterprise build exceptional portals that helped overcome internal challenges. Enterprises were suffering from:

•  Too much time spent on administrative tasks or less important tasks

•  No centralized location for document sorting and sharing for advisor teams

•  A current portal that is outdated and crowded

Why Consider An Advisor Portal Transformation

When enterprises commit to transforming their advisor portal they see significant improvements in advisor productivity, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiencies. Clients have seen benefits  like

•  Reduce clutter by 70% by creating a centralized place for organized content

•  One unified platform enabling the sharing of content and documents

•  Robust reporting capabilities that stakeholders can understand adoption rates and make improvements to grow usage and adoption.