Advisors: How much copy should you write on your website homepage?

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Advisors: How much copy should you write on your website homepage?

Have you ever wondered how much copy you should have on your homepage? How much is enough copy?  The truth is, it depends on the product or service that you are selling.

According to a Neilson Normal Group study on users reading behaviour on the web, 79% of users scanned a new page, and only 16% read word by word. Making the copy more scannable, concise and devoid of marketing hype, increased usability by 124%.

Many websites have lengthy paragraphs on the homepage which speak about the company and its services, but perhaps this isn’t what your target market is looking for. Your target market is going to be engaged by copy that provides a solution to their problem, and persuades them that your the person that they need to solve this problem. According to Neil Patel over at Quicksprout, it is all about persuasion.   This is what you need to focus on when it comes to developing your homepage copy.  If it can be communicated in one word, then one word is all you need.  If you need more words to communicate your message, then more words it is. It is about writing just enough words to convert your prospect.

Check out this great Infographic, courtesy of Quicksprout which provides some actionable and research-backed advice on writing effective copy for your website:


How Much Copy Should You Write on Your Homepage?
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout



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