Alternatives to SAP Enterprise Portal

Alternatives to SAP Enterprise Portal

In today’s economy, businesses stand to benefit from implementing an enterprise-class portal that provides consistent access to tools that improve productivity, fuel innovation, and improve customer satisfaction. The enterprise portal has become an integral part of today’s leading businesses, as it brings together its various applications, information, business units and services, on one common platform.   In this article, we will look at SAP Enterprise Portal, as well as its alternatives.

SAP Enterprise Portal (formerly known as SAP NetWeaver Portal) unifies key information and applications to give users a single view that spans across IT areas and the organization. The platform allows you to take advantage of all of your information in one unified platform. Features and functions of SAP Enterprise Portal include:

  • Infrastructure management – The Portal provides a personalized, secure interface that unifies enterprise applications, information, and processes from both SAP and third-party sources into a coherent, role-based portal experience.
  • Collaboration – Users can access and share information and applications in a collaborative environment regardless of where they are located.
  • Contact and knowledge management – A shared set of user services for finding, organizing, and accessing unstructured content stored in third-party repositories and SAP content management systems.

There are a number of SAP Portal alternatives in the market today with similar functionalities. Which alternative you choose depends entirely on what tasks and objectives you are looking to accomplish with your portal platform.  Let’s take a look at some solutions for alternatives to SAP Enterprise:

OpenText Portal

OpenText Portal is a highly scalable platform and efficient means of aggregating content and applications for use across a variety of initiatives inside and outside the firewall.   OpenText’s Portal is marketed primarily as part of a Customer Experience Platform, which includes social media and digital asset management. It is well equipped for large customer facing sites, with customers characterizing it as a total information and customer experience offering. Users also score this portal high in ease of administration. One complaint about OpenText Portal is that it comes with less out-of-the-box capabilities then many of its competitors, and requires more building.


Liferay is the leading provider of open source enterprise portal and social collaboration software solutions, and a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the 5th year in a row. Liferay is a web platform built to deliver immediate results with long-term value. With Liferay, you are able to build many kinds of portals including social networks, e-learning portals, employee and customer portals, and customize them to fit your business’ needs and objectives. The platform also provides more out of the box portlets then any other portlet on the market including Liferay collaboration, web publishing, content management and social networking.

The open-source option of Liferay can also mean significantly reduced costs for businesses with sufficient in-house resources to take advantage of it. One of Liferay’s major strengths is its platforms ability to incorporate new features very easily as a result of its open source base. A caution to some is the fact that the company Liferay itself is smaller than most of its competitors. However, Liferay has seen a rapid growth in the past few years.

Redhat Jboss

JBoss Portal is an open source platform for hosting and serving a portal’s web interface, publishing and managing its content, and customizing its experience. JBoss portal doesn’t aim at providing as many out of the box portal solutions as other platforms but is built to provide a fully reliable customized portal. JBoss features easy to use administration tools, a straightforward web content management system, and reliable performance and scalability. Many customers are attracted to its low start-up costs. One complaint about Jboss is that enterprises expecting immediate business usability may find it difficult to get it up and running without specific in-house developers.


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