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4 Keys to Building A Solid Advisor Transformation Program

Customer expectations are evolving as rapidly as technology. Because of this constant evolution, brands need to adapt how they interact with their customers. Financial organizations are turning to their advisors as an additional marketing channel. However, to adopt this sort of marketing strategy requires implementation of new technologies and processes. This is why it is […]


Opposing Forces That Cause A Disjointed Brand

Digital technology has enabled total personalization and individualization which contradicts the very idea of brand uniformity. The average digital experience is no longer enough and the driving force behind the desire to push the limits of brand uniformity is customer experience, i.e the idea of delivering an experience that is tailored to a specific client, […]

Content Marketing: The Most Powerful Tool for Financial Agents?

In today’s day and age, selling financial products and advice is as difficult as ever before. Banks, financial advisors, wealth managers and brokers of financial products face stiff competition, both from traditional competitors and technology-enabled challengers. What is the best Tactic for Financial Agents to separate themselves from the pack? Why is the competition so stiff […]

Powering Up Your LinkedIn Presence For Success

Your LinkedIn profile has so much potential to be your strongest marketing tool if leveraged correctly. By having a professional completed profile with unique content written, advisors can differentiate themselves. 1. Where does LinkedIn Fit In? Priority 1: Point A to B: Your LinkedIn profile is your website. It is functional and mandatory. Without it, […]


Blogging Like It’s Nobody’s Business

What is Blogging? Blogging is the act of adding new material to or the regular updating of a blog. A blog is a collection of articles that provide helpful valuable educational and remarkable content to your target audience. You might be thinking, “it sounds like a lot of work” but there are many benefits to […]


Why Should Advisors Care About the New Buyer Journey?

In 2012, the Corporate Executive Board performed a study to determine just how much buyer behaviour was affected by digital media. As it turns out, 60% of the sales cycle is completed before a buyer makes first contact with a sales person. What’s happening in that 60%? Any good buying decision must first start with research. The […]