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Factors Affecting Costs of Technology Projects

There are many factors that affect costs of technology projects. Whether your organization is looking to create a new system, from scratch, or upgrade an existing system. At Veriday, we have extensive experience working on technology projects, and as a result, have a fundamental understanding of factors that affect the cost of projects of this […]

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6 Best Practices of A Great Omnichannel Experience: Part 1

Thanks to the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile devices, more and more people are using multiple channels when making a purchase. Just 27% of people use only one channel during their buyer’s journey. That means the other 73% of individuals are omnichannel customers. These omnichannel customers are more valuable to your business, spending 4% more every […]

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3 Essential Elements of the Best Omnichannel Experiences

At Veriday, we recognize the value of an excellent customer experience. Our digital marketing platform, Digital Agent, helps financial agents offer an excellent, omnichannel experience to their customers and audience alike. Today, we will examine the three main elements of an omnichannel experience. An omnichannel experience means users can interact with your business however they […]