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Digital Transformation in the Age of Digital Disruption

This post was authored by Adrian Johnson and originally appeared here on Liferay.com It isn’t possible to read a news article or open a newspaper without reading about Digital Transformation. From consultants and software vendors to infrastructure providers and analysts everyone is talking about digital transformation and how it can improve customer experience, increase revenue streams and improve operations. So what […]


6 Lessons from Inbound Marketing in 2016 & What they Mean for 2017 [Part 1]

Inbound marketing tactics change year-in-year-out. What are some lessons from inbound marketing to take into next year? In 2016, local search was big contributor to traffic to business websites. This will lead to a huge emphasis on improving local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2017.  This is evident in the statistics below: 72% of consumers who did […]

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3 ways RIAs can attract new clients for long-term success

This post was authored by Jen Micklow and originally appeared here on FinancialServicesMarketing.com ———————— “The times they are a-changin’.” Bob Dylan first crooned these lyrics in his 1964 title track to acknowledge a mass cry for social reform. Listen closely now, and you’ll hear echoes of the song’s core message underscoring some of today’s most newsworthy […]

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How Technology Can Help the Customer Journey for High Net Worth Individuals

The customer journey, like much of the 21st century, has changed to include more technological aspects. Digital advertising and “Googling” are a couple examples of technology that have changed the customer journey for the masses.  They have made it easier to entice a potential customer to you through the awareness and decision phase through advertising and […]

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15 Inspirational Customer Experience Quotes that Relate to Business

In today’s digital landscape, a great customer experience is crucial. Customers have the power to choose between competing companies with a simple Google search. As Doug Warmer, former chairman of the board of J.P. Morgan & Co said, “it’s important to remember that your competitor is only one mouse click away.” Given that it costs […]

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Do Financial Advisors Need LinkedIn Premium?

This post was authored by Claire Akin and originally appeared here on GuideVine. We know that LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for advisors, given that one in three professionals worldwide have profiles. The Pew Research Center surveys show that the average user is 44 years old, the average income is $109,000, and the average investable […]