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Before Upgrading Your Website – Part 2

Is it time to upgrade your website? As discussed in Part 1 of this series, it is impossible to ignore the fact that most people “Google” almost everything. In fact, according to Nextopia, 86% of Baby Boomers and 90% of Millennials routinely research products online. For Financial Advisors, a professional and relevant website is becoming so […]

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Read how Brandon Silbermann, from Don Stockman Financial Services Ltd., used Digital Agent by Veriday to create a digital branding platform for his company.

Reprinted with permission from Investment Executive.   Brandon Silbermann’s digital branding initiative was powered by Digital Agent by Veriday. ————————————————————————————————————— If the new way of doing business for financial advisors is at the intersection of the latest digital marketing technology and good, old-fashioned client service, Brandon Silbermann might just be the advisor of the future. […]


Increase Your Bottom Line Using a Corporate Intranet

Employees are the backbone of any business. Not only is it important to hire the right people, it is equally as important that you are keeping your team engaged. Employee engagement, productivity levels, and technology are completely intertwined. The more engaged your employees are, the more productive and successful your business will be. In today’s […]

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Financial Services Trends to Watch in 2016: #FinTech & Robo-Advisor Disruption

It is safe to say that the FinTech revolution is happening. FinTech, put simply, is financial technology. It refers to the technology that is becoming increasingly important in the world of financial services, and is beginning to disrupt the way businesses operate. FinTech can include everything from mobile banking to modern compliance to digital investment […]


2016 Business Growth for Financial Advisors

This post was authored by Marie Swift and originally appeared here on GuideVine. ———————————– As Financial Advisors, we start another New Year full of possibility and hope. Most of us have probably already hit the ground running, focusing on accomplishing great things. We can increase our chances of success and growth, by setting our objectives and creating measurable goals to develop a robust […]


10 Things Your Intranet Could Be Doing For Employee Engagement

Engaged employees will deliver more to your organization when they are equipped with the tools to do their job effectively. Employee intranets can help to create an experience that engages employees, fosters collaboration and productivity, encourages innovation, strengthens culture, and becomes an integral part of the employee experience and engagement. Check out the insightful Infographic […]