“I need better web analytics reporting for my advisor websites.”

I need better web analytics across my advisor websitesYou’re a marketer and as a marketer you love analyzing data. Traditional enterprise marketing strategies involves repetitive and cyclical testing which leads to minor or major changes in marketing tactics. As you already know, the same rules apply with digital marketing. Your results are not just revenue based but also advisor support based. This means that while you are looking for information that can help your advisors generate more leads and revenue, you are also looking for data that can help you take steps to improve your advisor businesses.

The requirement for a more global view of advisor web performance becomes increasingly more important as you consider adding more technologies to the advisors toolkit. There are a number of common questions that are fundamental to help you make better decisions around changing and adjusting the way you support your advisors businesses:

  • How active are my advisors on our tool?
  • What is the average visitor time on site across all of my advisor sites?
  • What is the most popular or least popular piece of pre-approved content being used by advisors?
  • What is the most clicked on piece of pre-approved content by visitors?
  • What is the most downloaded document?
  • Are clients logging into their accounts through my advisor websites or through our corporate site?
  • Are we seeing any correlation between what advisors are doing on their sites and their individual practice results?
  • What are the most commonly used features of the platform we’ve provided to our advisors?

If you have some of the same questions or a different set of questions, or if you’d like some additional thinking around your web analytics strategy we’d love to connect with you. Successfully supporting advisor business is a critical component of the client value chain and it’s important to ensure you have all the right information to achieve that goal. To start a conversation with us just fill out the form below.