Financial and Insurance Advisors: How to Build Sales Without Being Too ‘Salesy’ Part 2

How to Build Sales Without Being Too ‘Salesy’

In this series, we are addressing techniques on how to build sales without being too ‘’salesy’’ or pushy. In this article, we will cover techniques 5 through 7. Read the first part of this series here.

5. Content Marketing

Never has it been so easy or affordable for Advisors to connect directly with their target markets. Social media offers so many options for you to connect with your target market by blogging, tweeting, and linking to articles, e-books, newsletters, PDFs, ect.

Content Marketing puts the hard-sell advertising message on the back burner and provides your target audience with valuable information. By providing valuable content that helps prospects, you are starting to build trusted relationships with your potential clients. Great content can be one of the best sales tools because it is still working even when you aren’t around, by teaching and moving prospects in the right direction, and positioning yourself as a thought leader. While at some point you will need to try to sell, your primary goal in the beginning is to develop relationships and build trust.

6. Storytelling

When presenting a service or solution, tell stories that the prospect can relate to that draw similarities to their situation (protecting the identify of your client, of course).   Humanize your service by telling prospects stories behind them. Do you have a client that has a great story about building a business? When prospects learn stories and experiences, from you, of people who are just like them, they may be more likely to want to work with you. Storytelling can also help to educate your clients and prospects on complex financial and investment concepts. Create a picture for clients and prospects to help them understand what you have to offer is compelling, and meets their needs.

7. Pick your Niche

Don’t be all things to all prospects and clients. As more and more people become Financial Advisors, it is becoming increasingly important for Advisors to focus into a niche where it’s easier to stand out and win clients. Getting a more focused niche gives you the opportunity to truly differentiate yourself. Advisors need to be willing to walk away when opportunities come up that are not a good fit for them or the prospect. Prospects will be able to catch on if you are trying to sell them something, that you don’t feel comfortable with, just to give them what they want to hear.

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