Why Businesses Need to Think Like Sharks

Think like sharks

Sharks are among the most famous creatures in the ocean. There are many different types of sharks, but they all think similarly. Sharks as a whole have a similar mindset. I often catch myself wondering, how can businesses think like sharks?

I have always been a fan of the Sharks. They are among my favorite aquatic animals for a variety of reasons. I enjoy looking at their jaw, filled with razor-sharp teeth, and watching videos of them gliding through the water. Every summer, I try to take in some of the entertaining programmings on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

As a business leader, I admire the shark. They have a single focus, constantly moving forward and embracing new experiences. In fact, businesses should try to think like sharks.

Why do Businesses Need to Think Like Sharks?

An interesting fact about sharks is that they cannot stop swimming. They are always moving forward. Sharks cannot stop swimming, even when they sleep. If they stop moving, they will die. Business leaders should adopt this mindset, aiming for continual improvement and embracing constant change. Once your business stops moving forward, it will eventually cease to exist.

Often, businesses that adopt a project-based workflow cannot think like sharks. Upon completion of a project, in project-based workflows, it is put to the side, never to be picked up again. The project, whether it is a service, tool, or product, stagnates and eventually is outpaced by the market. These businesses do not have the mindset of a shark.

A shark-like mindset of continual improvement is best seen in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. Continually developing new features and improving existing processes in a shark-like manner will ensure that you provide customers with the highest-quality solution possible.

Once your business stops improving and innovating to create better value, it’s impossible to get back on the track to innovation. Adopt the mindset of a shark today and enhance the efficiency of your business and get better results through digital transformation.

My company, Veriday, helps brands think like sharks and continually improve their digital presence through a variety of digital transformation projects. To find out more about what we can do to help transform your business, contact us, and let us use our digital expertise to help your business reach new heights.

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