15 Awesome Web Portal Examples

How to Keep Employees using your Portal

Your organization could have the best portal in the world but if your staff isn’t using it, you won’t enjoy the benefits. Therefore, creating long-term and sustained engagement is crucial. To help you keep your employees using your portal,…

How Budgeting Impacts Digital Transformation

Traditional budgeting in large enterprises interferes with digital transformation success. When projects are approved for a limited budget cycle (say 1 or 2 periods), the project’s value and potential to bring digital transformation…
Portal Best Practice
Finding a portal solution
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Best Practices: What can a Portal do for Your Brand? [Part 1]

Every technology project has the potential to transform a business for the better, but only if they are designed with best practices in mind. With over 100 digital transformation projects under our belt, we understand how important it is to…
Bridging the Legacy Gap

Is Blockchain Right for You? Bridging the Legacy Gap

In 2017, it has seemed as if every day there were new reports, predictions, stories, and articles on how innovative and disruptive blockchain technologies can be. The allure of a decentralized ledger is powerful, especially in financial services.…