How Digital Agent Has Transformed Advisor Marketing

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Businessman using modern laptop with graph.Business startup.Analyze strategy conceptsBusinessman using modern laptop with graph.Business startup.Analyze strategy conceptsStrategy text with business icon on modern laptop screen with graph chart success and goals concept ideasFor the past several weeks, we have been examining the opportunities that financial institutions have been missing out on. With a large team of advisors, a corporation should utilize this large team to provide powerful marketing content. In utilizing this advisor network, marketing efforts can be hyperlocalized, personal, and grow client-advisor relationships. Instead of the traditional marketing approach that is focused on brand awareness. Digital Agent is an enterprise marketing solution that enables the enterprise to amplify marketing efforts by leveraging their network of advisors to distribute relevant content to their unique audience. By engaging in this model, advisors have been seeing transformational results through increased web and email engagement, resulting in an increase in leads. Let’s walk through each one of these:

Web Engagement Results

It is understood that the way companies communicate with prospects and clients has evolved. Where mass-messaging used to work, now clients demand a more personal relationship and valuable information. For advisors on the Digital Agent platform, they have seen a 100% increase in web engagement. Advisors are seeing such results by adopting a blogging strategy that helps to build trust and credibility.

Email Engagement Results

Similarly, advisors who engage in an email marketing strategy are seeing a 150% increase in email engagement. For advisors on the Digital Agent platform received an average email open rate of 38% while the industry average is 21%. Furthermore, the click-through rate is at 17% while the industry average is only 2.75%. Finally, visitors to an advisor site that is on the Digital Agent platform see an average of 7 minutes spent on the site. Advisors will have a strong understanding of what financial concerns people have in their area and will provide valuable content to those people and have a real person they can speak with that understand these needs.

Lead generation

While creating enhancing marketing efforts is important, the most important for financial institutions is new client acquisition. Those on the Digital Agent platform have seen an average of 70% of new form submissions are inbound leads. Additionally, an advisor who is passively creating marketing content is getting an average of 1-2 new leads per month. An advisor that is actively creating a digital engagement routing through consistent marketing is getting on average 5-10 new monthly leads.

One wealth management advisor from a leading Canadian bank, adopted a blogging strategy a year ago and recently told us that he finds that leads that come through his website are more qualified. In initial meetings, prospects know more about who he is and the blog articles that he’s written, making initial meetings more productive and a better client and prospect experience overall.


During The Business Case for Transforming your Advisor Marketing, we explored the challenges enterprise marketers face in trying to achieve growing results with tighter budgets. One of the best ways to meet these requirements is the leverage the advisors. They are an enterprise marketer’s team of experts in financial matters, and they know the clients. When financial enterprises empower their advisors through Digital Agent, they will ensure brand consistency and compliance, all while marketing metrics surpass industry averages and bring in more leads. Ultimately, Digital Agent has been proven to lower overall lead costs and increase the number of leads and the quality of leads that advisors are generating.

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