Infographic: The Fascinating History of Graphic Design


As a highly visual society, graphic design is a vital part of our everyday lives.  It is all around us; in logos, magazines, newspapers, packaging, websites, branding, posters, books, signage, advertisements and more.  It is nearly impossible to go through an entire day without encountering some kind of graphic design.

Graphic design is what attracts us to brands.  It takes only a few seconds for individuals to feel a sense of connection to a brand, logo, or design.   A company’s brand image starts with a great logo but goes far beyond and extends to every aspect of a business.  Graphic design aims to identify with target audiences, and represents your company as a whole. A creative and strong brand will resonate with your target audience and make sure that your customers and prospects remember you.

We know the importance of graphic design, and the impact it has on our daily lives, but when and where did graphic design begin? The evolution of graphic design can be linked back to both cultural and technological advancements throughout history.  We came across this interesting Infographic, courtesy of Creative Market, that looks at some of the major milestones in the history of graphic design.   Check it out!

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