Liferay as a Content Management System (CMS)

Liferay as a Content Management System (CMS)

There is no denying that Content Management Systems are important in today’s web ecosystem. They allow you to spend less time staring at your computer screen and more time doing business. A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that allows you to create, edit, manage and maintain website pages on a central interface without the use of codes and scripts.

CMS allows non-technical users to publish content to the web without having advanced knowledge of web technology or programming of any sort. It eliminates the need for a developer or HTML designer to be involved every time you want to change something on your site, resulting in increased work efficiency.

Liferay provides a powerful and flexible CMS to make fundamental changes to the way you do business. It is is one of the most popular CMS in the market for managing and administering website content and is recommended by many industry experts. Despite its many other robust features, many customers use Liferay Portal just for its content management system, whether it be web content management or management of file-based content. It comes with many features that make your content management task simple, and is used for both developing personal as well as enterprise websites.

Liferay continues to grow in popularity due to the fact that it simplifies the work and user experience, and can easily be customized to satisfy specific business needs. Advocates of Liferay point to its open source architecture, ease-of-use and integration capabilities as reasons for its continued success and popularity. If your business is looking for a CMS solution, Liferay is definitely worthy of consideration.

So, what can Liferay’s content management feature do for your business and website?

  1. Web Publishing
    • Allows anyone to easily maintain fully functional websites. Non-technical users can create, edit and publish content with a simple point and click interface.
  2. Unified Documents & Media
    • Includes a unified document repository that houses documents, video, audio, images and other media types from one place. It can be used across an enterprise, within a specific group or for a single individual. Enterprise-wide repositories allow groups to store assets, tag them with key words, lock them, search for and leverage them in web pages, or download them for use offline.
  3. Live Page Editing and Scheduling
    • Pages from a live site can be edited and previewed without affecting what is seen on the public site, then scheduled for future publishing all within the online editor.
  4. Integrated Collaboration Tools
    • Wikis, message boards, blogs, activity tracking, instant message, e-mail, shared calendar, pools, announcements and alerts, tags and categories
  5. Advanced Workflow and Approval Processes
    • Allows users tο produce thеіr οwn personal workflow аnd define thе amount οf approval paths based on thеіr οwn distinctive business requirements аnd operational units.
  6. Customizable
    • Easily customizable platform to satisfy specific preferences, user requirements and business needs.
  7. Multi-Language Support
    • Supports international localization and includes out-of-the-box support for 30+ languages. Users can toggle between different language settings with just one click.
  8. Integration with Microsoft Office
  9. Quick Page and Site Creation
    • Web structures and templates allow common web layouts to be saved for future web pages. Users can create pages or sites with sets of predefined templates or pages, and immediately begin adding content without the help of any developer support.
  10. Search Engine Optimization
    • With its ability to create web content, blogs, wikis and to share documents, your website becomes a valuable source of information. Liferay also optimizes updates to the site map information and makes new pages instantaneously searchable by external search engines.

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