Why Choose Liferay DXP as Your Employee Portal Platform

Too often companies will buy into software for the sole reason of being the best overall and having brand recognition in the industry. This approach should strongly be avoided, especially when building an employee portal, as this does not equate to proper integration and optimizing its use. The promise of “Digital Engagement” is false. The world has been transformed by technology and the internet for decades, therefore employees and companies have been digitally engaged for a long time. The right platform should transform this digital engagement and provide a solution to the current method. Companies and the stakeholders responsible should examine the interactions at every level of the organization and where does the portal fit within that.

To begin, what are the engagements happening in an organization? For the employees, they are engaging with the company; using various systems to complete their tasks. Employees also engage with other employees, both in a social aspect and a collaborative aspect, using systems to communicate and work together. Companies also have their own set of engagements. To complete the tasks that are asked of the employee, the company must supply the tools and the information needed to the employees. Most of these engagements are happening digitally and across many different platforms, (Outlook, Gmail, Slack, and so on.). We know recognize that digital engagements are already happening.  The next step is really to unify everything so that there is a single point to allow for all these engagements, whether through augmentation or integration. Why Liferay works well and fits in many environments is because it allows for both augmentation (introducing Liferay out of box features) and integration (integrating with existing solutions).

An employee portal’s sole aim shouldn’t be to replace the legacy platforms currently in use.  It should allow for integration with best of breed solutions so that employees can perform their daily tasks in the most efficient way possible.   When properly designed and implemented, employee portals enable your employees to be more strategic, improve productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction.  In turn, reducing operating costs while allowing more time spent on revenue-generating activities.

“Liferay excels in the portal as common architecture use case, and it exceeds the requirements for leading-edge customers across our other three use cases.”

Why Liferay is a leader

Liferay DXP provides an architecture for companies to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insight. It combines and coordinates applications, including content management, search and navigation, personalization, integration and aggregation, collaboration, workflow, analytics, mobile and multichannel support. For the 7th year in a row, Gartner ranks Liferay as a leading provider of portal solutions.  We encourage you to read over the Gartner report so you can set your own opinions on how it ranks with other Digital Experience Platforms and see if you come to the same conclusion that we did.