Liferay Vs. Websphere: Who is using these technologies?

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In a previous article, we discussed Liferay Vs. SharePoint and who is using these technologies.  This week, we will look into comparing Websphere with Liferay.  Before moving on, check out our article on the customers and uses of Liferay technology:

Liferay is the leading Open Source portal server and a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Platforms.  Many enterprises are using Liferay to build robust business solutions that deliver long-term value and results.  The company has seen a recent rapid growth in the past few years.  Liferay is an all-in-one enterprise portal with broad product capabilities that provide a user-friendly interface where you can centralize, share and collaborate.

Liferay has proven its real world performance globally with many clients across many diverse industries and business functions. It has been used in just about every industry around the world including automotive, education, government, healthcare, financial services, IT and Hi-Tech, media and entertainment and more.  It is primarily used for corporate websites, intranets and extranets but is highly scalable and easy to launch with many out of the box features.  Major organizations around the world choose Liferay for a wide variety of business functions beyond the traditional portal:

  • Intranet portals
  • Extranet portals
  • Content and Document Management
  • Web publishing and shared workspaces
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Social networking
  • Enterprise portals and identify management

Liferay has a strong community with roughly 4 million downloads (80,000 per month), 350,000-500,000 worldwide deployments and over 19,000 registered users on liferay.com

Some of Liferay’s key customers include:

Liferay Clients

Learn more about their case studies and the enterprises using Liferay across industries and around the world.

Websphere – Who’s using it?

Gartner Research named IBM’s Websphere as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Platforms based on its scalability, flexibility and use in B2C and B2B organizations. Websphere provides companies of all sizes with enterprise web portals that give users a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need.

Websphere was first released in 1992. Today, more then 100,000 clients globally are using IBM Websphere to build and integrate their infrastructure solutions. IBM Websphere has more then 800 IBM Business Partners worldwide supporting it with software, solutions and services. It supports more than $1 quadrillion worth of business transactions daily.

Similar to Liferay, Websphere is used across just about every industry globally. It works across a variety of industries including banks, telecommunication companies, government agencies and more. Websphere is used in B2C (approximately 75% of deployments) and B2B (25% of deployments) organizations.

Below are the most common uses of Websphere:

  • Website generation
  • Content and document management
  • Enterprise employee and customer portals
  • Document collaboration
  • Shared workspaces

Some of Websphere’s key customers:

Websphere Clients

To learn more on Websphere case studies, click here.


With a number of portal technologies on the market, many capable of powering your intranet portal, picking the one that’s right for your business can be daunting.  Looking to move to a new portal but aren’t sure where to start? Get in touch with us today!

What portal technology are you using for your business? Does your portal technology effectively support the technology demands placed on it in today’s digital economy?