LinkedIn and Lead Generation: Does it Work?

LinkedIn and Lead Generation: Does it Work?

This post was authored by Kristen Harad and originally appeared here on GuideVine.

Financial Advisors often hope for the “magic bullet” when it comes to marketing. What is the easiest way to make my phone ring? If that sounds like something you ask yourself frequently, then you may quickly dismiss LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. While you won’t attract too many leads directly from LinkedIn, this social platform can be a powerful way for you to showcase your expertise and relevancy to your target audience which, when done well, can assist in attracting leads.

Here are 4 LinkedIn “Musts” to make the most of this platform:

1. You Must Be Present to Win  

LinkedIn is synonymous with Professionals.  As a professional, you’re expected to be here.

When my mother-in-law, a self-employed nutrition coach recently joined at age sixty-nine, any question mark about whether LinkedIn reached mainstream status faded in my mind. LInkedIn is a “must have” marketing channel. No longer cutting edge or hip, it’s just part of the program.

Whether or not prospective clients originate from LinkedIn, they will include a review of your profile in their due diligence.  You can leverage this opportunity and make a positive impression.  If you’re not on LinkedIn, that potential client will move down his list.

2. Think About Your Target Client in Your Profile

How can you help your prospect identify if you’re the right person for them? Yes, you must complete your profile which LinkedIn helps you through step-by-step.  You also want to build out a Company Page. (Keep in mind, it’s best to lead your Company Page with a clear, easy-to-understand, and relatable description of who your clients are and how you help them.  Include a video message or training to stand out and make it easy for your visitor to understand and connect with you.

3. Be a Thought Leader

You should already have your foundation marketing platform for which you create regular content. This written or video blog reaches a limited number of people if it exists only on your web site. Even the most prominent bloggers, like Michael Kitces from Nerd’s Eye View, realize that publishing content without promotion does not work.  LinkedIn is one of the many channels where you can push out your content, widen your reach and solidify your expert status.

Here’s how to get the most our of LInkedIn:

  • Join groups where your target audience participates.  Usually Advisors find themselves in Financial Advisor groups:  the CFP Board ® Group, NAPFA, or the FPA to name a few. While helpful for business support, you want to engage in groups where you can educate and hear from your potential clients.
  • Be a valuable contributor and people will pay attention to you.
    • Every time you post to your blog, share your content with your LinkedIn Groups.
    • Listen and give feedback.  Take time each week to engage in conversation in the groups, outwardly helping others and commenting on their content.
  • Link back to your site when you answer questions.  As long as you have your site optimized for lead capture (with a call-to-action and a sign-up form, you’ll be able to provide relevant responses while also building your list.

4. You Must Connect with Your Clients

LinkedIn sends out push notifications when people change jobs, receive promotions, or achieve other professional milestones.  You can keeps tabs on what’s up in your clients’ life by connecting with them on LinkedIn.  (Plus, you will be able to keep your clients up-to-date with your latest content).  When you present in their mind, they’re more likely to make the important introduction when a colleague, friend,or relative inquires for a referral.

Remember, if you expect potential clients to view your LinkedIn profile, then navigate to your site, and sign up for a consultation all in one visit, you will be disappointed.  But when you recognize that LinkedIn helps you get your self-branded content in front of your audience faster, serves as a viable way to stand out from the competition, and continually reminds your clients of your value, you will soon see the power of this professional platform.


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