“I have challenges maintaining my website with my current provider or tool”

Challenges with my current provider or website management toolWebsite management technologies have come a long way since the commercialization of the web and has been a growing industry. Back in the early to mid 90s, it was virtually impossible to create a website unless you knew how to write computer code. Since then however, many technology companies have developed applications both offline and online, to help the non-technical user create their own personalized websites. Companies like WordPressSquarespace, Format, Wix, Digital Agent and Cloversites, to name a few, have created amazing tools for anyone with a little bit of technical knowledge.

As advisors begin to develop a maturity for website development and digital marketing in general, there are a number of key challenges that we’ve seen within this community. These challenges are primarily related to either the tool they use to maintain their website (which they could have individually purchased or could be a tool provided by their dealer) or with a web development company. If you feel like you’re spending too much time or money maintaining your website, here’s a few key questions to ask yourself before considering a switch:

  • Do I need to call my web development company to make minor changes?
  • If I need to make changes to customize my website, do I need to pay hundreds of dollars to my current web development company?
  • Is it easy to make changes to my website without contacting my web development partner?
  • Does my website partner (the tool manufacturer or web development company) have experience supporting firms in regulated industries such as financial services?
  • Does the tool I’m using have an integrated compliance component to it or am I responsible for communicating directly to my compliance department?
  • Is the tool intuitive? Is it obvious what I need to do to make simple changes to content on my website?
  • Can I easily customize my website using the tool provided?
  • Have I done everything I can using the tool and am I happy with how my website looks?
  • Am I investing more than $1000 per year to host and maintain my website?

These are just a handful of questions you should be asking yourself if you’re not entirely sure if you’re making the best investment on your website and subsequently your web presence. It’s always a good practice in business to re-evaluate such investments given how frequently web technologies change.

If you’d like a second opinion on your current website investment we’re happy to have the conversation. We can’t promise that the outcome will always be a “Yes, You should switch“, and we’d love to be the ones to give you the validation you’re seeking. Simply fill out the contact form to get in touch!