Revamping an Outdated Portal to Improve Communication & Storage: A Case Study

The Challenge

The internal portal that a financial advisor firm was using created a lot of difficulties for its users. It was crowded and outdated. Advisors had difficulty accessing forms and documents that they needed and used on a daily and weekly basis; creating a lot of frustration and slowdowns in productivity. Furthermore, navigation through the portal was also very difficult and was not intuitive. Overall, they were lacking a place online to communicate with advisors and store important documents.

What We Did

The financial advisor firm worked with Veriday to transform their employee portal. The goal was to create a one-stop shop for all the needs of the advisors. To achieve this, Veriday built this new portal on the Liferay Platform. There were certain key features included, such as: the ability to personalize the dashboard, an advanced search function, single sign-on to access all the core applications, the presentation of new and timely content, and a modernized and mobile friendly responsive design. The decision to include these features were important to not only solve the current problems but to future-proof the platform to ensure similar problems do not arise again years down the road.


The sign-on allowed the new portal to consolidated numerous websites and platforms to provide a unified online presence. Since the advisors are now able to access all their tools and documents within one environment, this greatly improved productivity. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Reduced clutter by 70% creating a centralized place for organized content
  • Unified platform for intranet and external websites enabling sharing of content and documents
  • Educational tools are now in one centralized location
  • With robust reporting capabilities, stakeholders can now make timely and accurate decisions, including monitoring content that is most often accessed.