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Design and build an engaging site around Google’s Free the Airwaves Campaign.  This site would be submitted as a petition to the FCC to free the unused ‘’white spaces’’ between broadcast TV channels to promote affordable high-speed internet connection across the United States.


Veriday developed an engaging site that allowed people to learn more about the Free the Airwaves campaign through video testimonials  from different individuals and organizations.  The videos highlight the benefits of a positive FCC decision. Building up to the date of the vote, the application automatically submitted pledges, hourly, to the FCC via their online submission process. The Free the Airwaves site and campaign launched in August 2008 in preparation for the FCC vote later in the year.

Veriday’s website helped bring awareness to the campaign and engaged over 20,000 people which helped lead to a 5-0 vote in favor of freeing the airwaves.