Empowering Investment Advisors to take control of their web presence

With a network of over 3000 Advisors, Manulife Financial provides a variety of comprehensive investment solutions that can help you enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow.


More than ever, consumers are relying on online searches to learn about financial products and services.  A robust online presence for Advisors and Financial Institutions is a must, but Advisors have been traditionally treated as static brochure sites lacking the interactive features and relevant content required in today’s competitive digital landscape.

With a network of over 3000 Advisors, Manulife Financial Advisory Services needed to provide a service that enabled their Advisors to create a web presence that represented their unique businesses, while also meeting Manulife compliance and brand standards.

Manulife required a solution that would balance two conflicting objectives:

• Empower their Investment Advisors to have a unique web presence with flexible and agile marketing capabilities.

• Ensure corporate marketing retains brand and messaging control while being able to get to market with the right messaging quickly and effectively.


Manulife Financial Advisory Services chose to use Digital Agent, a product by Veriday, to enable the launch of over 3000 unique Manulife Advisor websites.  Digital Agent is an all-encompassing multi-channel marketing and compliance solution that eliminates the barriers faced by Financial Marketers and Advisors by combining marketing tools, processes, and compliance into one automated system. Digital Agent enables Advisors to grow their business with compliant and unique websites, content, email marketing, and blogging.

The implementation of Digital Agent to Manulife achieved four primary outcomes:

• Digital Agent provided over 3000 Advisors with the ability to build a website that demonstrates their services and independence while ensuring corporate brand standards were met. Advisors are now able to have one to one digital conversations with customers and represent specific customer segments and personas.

• Saved time and money, and retained Corporate Marketing control by providing a tool that pushes content through an automated content review process prior to it going live on the Advisor’s websites.

• Provided Corporate Marketing with the ability to leverage their sales channels by delivering marketing and sales materials quickly and easily, while also allowing Advisors to distribute unique campaigns to prospects and customers without compromising compliance.