Secure Registration and Authentication

OTN uses telemedicine to facilitate access to care and distance education in the province of Ontario, Canada.


The Ontario Telemedicine Network required a solution that integrated several service models, and maximized telemedicine to the health care system through increased healthcare provider awareness, adoption and regular use in the support of established OTN services.


Veriday implemented a customized integrated portal solution that helps to enable remove healthcare service delivery across Ontario for over 10,000 users.

The implementation of this integrated solution achieved the following results:

  • Enabled accurate identity proofing and credentials provisioning to users;
  • Enabled single sign on (SSO) authentication and, when necessary, a compensating factor solution for users;
  • Enabled enterprise application service subscription enrolment lifecycle, course-grain role based access of users to OTN application services; and fine-grain entitlements within OTN application services ;
  • Enabled compliance logging and auditing of identity and access policies and procedures;
  • Enabled self-service management of their user account; and
  • Enabled bi-directional federated access to eHealth Ontario service provider application