Enterprise Financial Marketing

One of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms entrusted with over $28 billion in client assets. RGMP is dedicated to earning and rewarding your trust as stewards of your wealth.


Richardson GMP (RGMP) had doubled in size and as a result, their corporate website did not reflect their outstanding performance nor did it have the best user experience worthy of their high-net-worth clients, prospects, and recruits. RGMP’s Advisors’ websites were run on a homegrown Content Management System that was not Enterprise grade.  The design and functionality was limiting, offering only one infrastructure design for all websites.  This prevented RGMP’s Advisors from demonstrating their independent partnership structure.

RGMP required a solution that achieved the following requirements:

  • Hosted their 200+ bilingual Advisor websites on an enterprise level Content Management System (CMS).  A CMS that is easy to deploy, secure and will produce both versatile, attractive and compliant Advisor websites.
  • A platform that offers different web themes to accommodate RGMP’s various unique Advisor practices.  At the same time, RGMP also wanted to maintain control over their corporate brand and regulatory (IIROC) rules.
  • A platform that ensured RGMP’s Advisor websites followed best practices for Search Engine and Website optimization.
  • Upgrade support to guarantee their Advisors’ digital marketing kept pace with current trends and best practices.


RGMP chose Veriday because of their expertise and experience in the financial services industry. It was critical that Veriday’s Digital Agent platform could evolve with industry and Advisor needs. Digital Agent became RGMP’s Advisors’ digital platform to create dynamic websites that are compliant with regulatory rules and RGMP brand standards.

Digital Agent’s easy-to-use marketing interface and complete catalog of pre-approved content and media helped RGMP’s Advisors to take their marketing to new levels.

The implementation of Digital Agent achieved four primary outcomes:

  • Increased Advisor satisfaction by empowering 200+ Advisors with the ability to build a unique web presence that truly reflects their business. The user-friendly interface provided Advisors with flexible and agile marketing capabilities that encouraged them to be proactive with their clients and prospects.
  • Saved time and money and achieved the flexibility that Corporate Marketing required, with the features and independence that Advisors demanded.  Digital Agent’s workflow and compliance platform ensured Corporate Marketing retained brand and messaging control. Digital Agent became a central tool to distribute valuable client-facing pre-approved content to enhance Advisor’s online presence.
  • Increased Advisor engagement with a 100% adoption rate and a 99.1% success rate in the transition from RGMP’s homegrown system to Digital Agent.
  • Exceeded RGMP’s timeline expectations by getting 200+ Advisors live on the Digital Agent platform in under 5 months.