Long-Term Partnership

RBC has grown to become one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies, providing banking, wealth management, insurance and capital markets services on a global basis.


Veriday has been in partnership with RBC for the last 10 years, assisting RBC with a wide variety of programs ranging from commercial banking to employee portals. RBC first engaged with Veriday to assist in the recovery of a large transformational banking program ($100M+) that was in crisis.


Over the last 10 years, Veriday has provided general technical and management consulting support in areas such as:

  • The development of a mergers and acquisitions playbook
  • Employee portal prototypes
  • Software prototypes
  • Assisting in the delivery of a mortgage originations program

The long-term relationship has enabled Veriday to deliver strategies and solutions that solve RBC’s online engagement challenges.

Veriday was successfully able to assist RBC in their transformational banking program crisis by delivering a banking program which consisted of projects ranging from personal and business deposits origination, anti-money laundering, and client reporting.

Veriday was subsequently engaged by RBC to help assist other large, transformational programs and ultimately was asked to organize the creation of a Transformational Program Centre of Excellence (COE), in which best practice process, methods, tools, and techniques were documented and rolled out to the organization to help enhance the success of future programs. While running the Centre of Excellence (COE), Veriday had accountability for enabling the success of well over 20 large, transformational initiatives ranging in size from $20M to $200M.

Veriday was also asked to manage the delivery of a Commercial banking program which included the planning and managing for a program spend profile of well over $300M initiatives. This program successfully rolled out over 30 projects in 4+ years and has changed the process and technology that is used to sell and originate commercial products both for deposit and lending as well as the transacting and servicing of those products, utilizing both custom development solutions as well as packaged software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.