Infographic: The Social Media Comparison for Advisors

Infographic: The Social Media Comparison for Advisors

By now, we’ve all heard how valuable and even essential social media can be for businesses. For a recap on some website and social media statistics that speak loudly to advisors and what their prospects are doing online, read this article before moving on.

Deciding where to focus your social media energy can be overwhelming and confusing. When it comes to choosing which social media platforms you’ll utilize, it is important to do some research into selecting those that offer the best potential for reaching your target audience. The more thought and strategy that is implemented into your social media plan, the greater the chance of success and engagement.

So, which network should Advisors sign up for first? When it comes to business, it is important to focus on what is most important to your target audience rather then what is the most popular social media platform.   Before we discuss a set of considerations for each social network as it pertains to business needs, we found this great social media cheat sheet, by Leverage Wage Media, that provides a comparison of the different platforms. This cheat sheet will first help you to navigate and compare the major social media sites on the web and how they can be utilized.


What information and insight would be most helpful for you when starting your navigation through the social media world? Share your comments below and we will be sure to address in an upcoming article.