Infographic: The Growth of Social Media in 2014 for Financial and Insurance Advisors

Infographic: The Growth of Social Media in 2014 for Financial and Insurance Advisors

As social media continues to grow, the idea that social media is just a trend or fad is no longer viable as more and more demographics, and more and more industries are moving towards using it on a daily basis. Businesses are increasingly looking to social media to spread their message, make sales and collect prospects information. It has quickly become a part of businesses communication plans.  More baby boomers, seniors, executives and affluent consumers are using social media then ever, and they are engaged, sharing and looking for information. In fact, 70% of millionaires have profiles on one or more platforms.

With a business that is fuelled by networking, Financial and Insurance Advisors are increasingly integrating social media as a core element of their marketing efforts.   It has moved from early adoption to mainstream, for prospecting strategies, in the industry.  Facing a competitive disadvantage by being left behind by early adopters, Advisors are becoming inclined to improve their understanding of how to best implement social networks in their business.

Below is an excellent Infographic for Financial and Insurance Advisors, from Search Engine Journal, that provides a visual of social media statistics, and growth.  The Infographic includes data indicating that 72% of all Internet Users are also social media users.

Social Media Growth 2014

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