Four Advisor Personas Enterprise Marketers Need to Be Aware Of

As an enterprise, when you think about all the advisors that have an online presence and using Digital Agent, their online efforts probably vary drastically.  Some sign in multiple times a week and some probably sign in a few times a year.…

How Email Newsletters Generate New Business

  Email marketing is not something new. It has been since shortly after the invention of email itself. We all remember being copied and pasted on email threads of anyone and everyone they knew to send them some funny joke or…
Five Stars Rating. People are holding stars over the heads.
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Good Customer Service Just Isn’t Enough Anymore

Today, more than ever financial advisors need to provide exceptional service to their clients. This is how advisors can have high retention and get referrals for new business. When clients feel they can trust their advisor, they are…
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Opportunities to Grow Financial Advisor Leads

To continue on our previous article on “Why Financial Advisor AUM isn’t Growing”, let’s take a closer look at growing leads specifically and the opportunities that financial advisors have in this area. 1. Advisors Aren’t Clear…