5 Useful Movie Quotes for Financial Agents

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Useful Movie Quotes for Financial Agents

In 2012, movie theaters sold just under 1.2 billion movie tickets. Those tickets resulted in over $11.4 billion in revenue for the film industry. People enjoy movies, and they should, as movies are one of the most efficient storytelling mediums.

If you watch movies with a keen eye, you will notice pieces of wisdom that apply to a variety of situations. Quotes spoken by characters (in nearly every movie) contain those nuggets of wisdom. We have already examined quotes by athletes that can apply to your business, Harry Potter quotes, and Star Wars quotes that can apply to financial agents, but this time around we will look at something more general.

Today, we are looking at 5 Useful Movie Quotes for Financial Agents:

  • “There is nothing cheap about loyalty.” – Ryan Bingham, Up in the Air (2009)

Gaining customer loyalty is one of the most important tasks for any financial services organization. If you work hard to engender loyalty among your client base, they will be less likely to leave your business for that of a competitor’s. It costs between four and ten times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one and some experts estimate the costs are even higher than that. With such a high cost associated with acquiring new customers, it is unlikely that financial services professionals want to have to replace customers to maintain their revenue on a regular basis. There is nothing cheap about loyalty.

  • “Normally, it takes years to work your way up to the 27th floor, but it only takes 30 seconds to be out on the street again.” – Mr. Sheldrake, The Apartment (1960)

Customers are challenging and expensive to acquire, especially in financial services. One bad experience can send your customers running for the hills. “Working your way up to the 27th floor” can be seen as a metaphor for nurturing a relationship and building trust with your customers.

Building those relationships involves working hard to show your level of commitment to your client base. A financial agent needs to consistently maintain a positive attitude, focus on adhering to exceptional communication standards, acknowledge the individuality of the customer and exceed customer expectations. Even if you are regularly showing your warmth and competence to clients (and potential clients), it will take time to nurture those relationships.

Despite the time and effort, it takes to build a relationship with your clients; one mistake can swiftly end any relationship you built with your clients. Be careful to always act in your customer’s best interest, while communicating your intentions, so you don’t end up “out on the street again.”

  • “I’m washing lettuce. Soon, I’ll be on fries. In a few years, I’ll make assistant manager, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in.” –Maurice, Coming to America (1988)

This quote from 1988’s Coming to America represents the qualities of hard work and patience, two essential characteristics for success in financial services. From the perspective of a financial agent, hard work and patience usually pay benefits for their clients.

For financial service professionals, hard work is, of course, necessary. Having the information and skill set to make responsible decisions for your clients requires a great deal of hard work. Research, consultations and eventually assuring your client that your plan of action will work out for them all require hard work. Patience is another requirement for financial agents. You need to be patient enough to stick with a plan through the dramatic peaks and valleys of an economic cycle. If you make hasty decisions, your clients may suffer in some way.

  • “The key to this business is personal relationships.” – Dicky Fox, Jerry Maguire (1996)

This quote is straight on the nose for financial services, especially outside of the personal banking sector. Consumers want some form of personal relationship when making the difficult decisions about who to trust with their finances. The average consumer is more likely to trust their financial advisor than the monolithic financial institution behind that advisor. As the graph from Edelman (below) shows, employees are the most trusted bank spokespersons to communicate information about key topics.

Why are the most trusted spokespeople in financial services employees? Employees are most trusted because consumers can build relationships with them. The more a customer interacts with the person managing their finances, the more they will grow to trust them. For more information on developing trust with consumers, check out our article on how warmth and competence affect customer perceptions.

Useful Movie Quotes (employees)

  • “Trying is having the intention to fail. You’ve got to scrap that word from your vocab. Say you’re gonna do it and you will.” – Sydney Fife, I Love You, Man (2009)

In I Love You, Man, Sydney, played by Jason Segel, helps his new friend Peter develop confidence in himself. The goal of those actions was to help Peter reach his goals and dreams. A large part of that process involved introducing Peter to the benefits of maintaining a positive mindset. As a financial agent, you should keep the same positive mindset that Sydney would want you to have.

You are a capable, well-trained financial agent, ready to manage, grow or ensure your client’s assets. You should not “try” to reach your goal, “trying” should not even be a part of your vocabulary. By maintaining a “will accomplish” mindset, your productivity will increase dramatically. The Mayo Clinic found that by thinking in positive terms (such as “I WILL do it”) will lower stress, reduce your level of depression and increase your lifespan.

With those benefits available, why would you allow yourself to think negatively? Just go out and do it!

As always, thank you for reading! Movies can entertain us, but they can also teach us lessons about life if we listen carefully. If you enjoyed this article, let us know on Twitter @VeridayHQ or follow us on LinkedIn here.