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Compliance, Simplified

Knowledge is Power. The compliance tools allow organizations to set up processes to ensure any possible liability or deviation is detected and resolved. Additionally, enterprises get the greatest piece of mind knowing that all content and data is archived. data feature set, enterprise profile data and analytics will be integrated to ensure accuracy.

Digital Agent Compliance Helps Marketers….

Scale your marketing program without increasing cost

Improve responsiveness during an audit

Achieve regulatory & enterprise brand compliance

• Change comparison highlighting across versions

• Real time workflow editing

• Automatic web archiving

• Full archive access by enterprise

• Visual website retrieval and interaction

• Third party link capture

More than a dozen features in total

Scale marketing programs without increasing cost.

Scale marketing programs without increasing cost with a streamlined compliance workflow and automated web archiving for greater peace of mind.

•  Eliminate additional set up when new websites are launched with a fully integrated built-in compliance review and archiving system designed for and by compliance.

•  Improve productivity with email notifications and the ability to easily search, sort and filter review requests.

•  Increase accuracy and improve speed of content reviews with a streamlined multi-stage approval process.

Improve responsiveness during an audit

Make the audit process painless with no manual record keeping, on demand reporting and visual archiving

•  Reduce the risk of human error through automated web archiving that captures and timestamps web pages in their native format.

•  Increase confidence in the audit log with visual archiving that captures exactly what the page looked like at a previous date and time. 

•  Benefit from greater transparency and responsiveness  with the ability to easily search, locate and download archived records for every user.

•  Save time from having to manually archive external links with automated third party link capture.

Achieve regulatory and enterprise brand compliance.

Streamline the compliance approval process to save time and easily comply with brand and regulatory standards.

•  Easily  monitor and comply with regulatory standards like FINRA, IIROC, SEC, MFDA and others.

•  Avoid advisors publishing content that is not compliant through a multi-level review process for various stakeholders marketing review process that saves time and helps ensure that all advisor content follows corporate brand standards.

•  Maintain brand trust and credibility with consistent brand representation across all advisor websites.

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