The Marketing Cloud Regulated Industries Have Been Waiting For

Update your advisor marketing platform so it performs for you!

Our easy to use solution improves visibility and brand control.

Digital Agent saves you time, grows your capacities, and gives you the freedom to focus on what is most important: your people.


$ 124 Billed Monthly

✓  Veriday template to stylize your Homepage, Contact Us, and internal pages as you go.

✓  Choice of color theme

✓  Standard widgets


$ 124 Billed Monthly

✓  A unique website to match your branding.

✓  Stylized Home, Contact Us, and internal pages.

✓  Unique elements (ie: accordion, testimonials, etc.)

✓  1 revision with a Designer

✓  30-minute discovery call

✓  Veriday-assisted content migration

✓  Design adaptation of existing widgets

✓  2 UI styled elements (e.g. graphic slider)


$ 186 Billed Monthly

✓  A custom website designed with the help of our Design and Support teams.

✓  2 revisions with a Designer.

✓  Including High Fidelity Mockup

✓  30-minute discovery call.

✓  Veriday-assisted content migration.

✓  Customized styling to OOB widgets.

✓  5 UI styled elements (e.g. graphic slider)

✓  Price to be finalized following design activities.