How a Compliance Advisor Marketing Platform is Transforming Advisor Marketing

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Over the past several weeks, we have examined the struggles that organizations with advisors can face. The goal is to provide valuable, targeted, and personalized content to existing and prospective clients, however, even with the right marketing intentions and objectives, limitations caused by regulations, ineffective platforms, brand cohesiveness, and technical ability. Compliance Marketing platforms allow organizations to empower advisors to produce their own marketing efforts while remaining compliant to regulations and maintain brand cohesiveness.

Before the Transformation


Prior to implementing a compliance marketing platform, if advisors wanted to produce additional marketing content targeted to their customer and host it on their own website, this would not be an efficient system. Advisors would use a website builder to create their site. All these sites created could not be viewed or managed by enterprise marketers. Each site would be different and not have any brand consistency. Furthermore, any technical issues would be managed by the financial advisors who may not be tech-savvy.


The other major issue that existed with advisor marketing is content compliance. Firstly, there is no way to ensure the proper use of enterprise-created content, it could be edited and lose its compliancy; or if the enterprise marketer makes changes to content, there is no way to push those changes to the advisor sites. With advisor-created content, the compliance review process is very lengthy. An advisor would create the content and submit it for approval to compliance. Taking days and weeks, the advisor would then receive an email of the comments. The advisor would need to make those changes and send back to compliance for review. This lengthy process limits the ability to publish currently relevant content, and also lacks an official record of the review and approval process.


After the Transformation


With the integration of a compliance marketing platform, all these issues are addressed. The platform should enable advisors to easily create and manage their own website without the need for advanced technical knowledge, all while keeping with consistent branding. Furthermore, enterprise users will have ability to view and manage all sites, and advisor marketing content in a centralized location.


The need to meet compliance is a major feature that is needed for financial organizations and advisors. The right platform shortens the compliance review times, allowing for the content to be created in the website, sent for review, tracking the process, and when the content is approved, it will go live immediately to the website. For the enterprise marketers, any content created can be organized, formatted, and laid out exactly as desired. Advisors can easily drop that content into their website immediately. Any changes made by the enterprise marketer will be automatically pushed to every advisor’s website. User of a compliance marketing platform just as Digital Agent have seen a 70% in lead-based form submissions on their site.


The Bottom Line


A platform that transforms the marketing efforts of financial organizations is Digital Agent. Digital Agent is an enterprise digital marketing solution that enables the enterprise to amplify marketing efforts by leveraging their team of advisors to distribute relevant content to clients. This content is personalized, targeted and receives a higher engagement than traditional forms of digital marketing from enterprise directly to clients. Empowering advisors to be part of the marketing distribution and create their own content has seen 100% more engagement on websites when the advisor is actively blogging.