Four Advisor Personas Enterprise Marketers Need to Be Aware Of

As an enterprise, when you think about all the advisors that have an online presence and using Digital Agent, their online efforts probably vary drastically.  Some sign in multiple times a week and some probably sign in a few times a year. Ultimately, enterprise teams want to see 100% of advisors leveraging Digital Agent and the marketing tools they provide to its full capabilities. In order to educate and truly understand the habits and characteristics of advisors, we wanted to define the four advisor personas. These personas take advisors through a process of full adoption starting with frequent users to fully active users. Let’s take a look at each of the personas:

1. Online Business Card Website (rarely make updates, no blog)

These advisors have a website but it is a fairly basic website.  These websites have only a few pages that outline the basics such as About, Contact, Product, Services, etc.

Habits and characteristics of an online business card website advisor:

• Takes a long time to make changes. Wants everything to be perfect before it goes live

• Does not make updates very often, a few times a year

• Does not have a blog

• When they do want to make a change or an update, they will often leverage the Digital Agent service team to help them

• Does not take time to learn digital marketing or how to leverage Digital Agent better

2. Website Only (make updates but does not blog)

This group of advisors have a website and make frequent updates to it but do not have a blog. They like to update their website but feel they don’t have the time for maintaining and creating content for a blog.    

Habits and characteristics of a website only advisor:

• Makes updates to their website

• Leverages the service team to learn about digital marketing and Digital Agent

• Does not see the value in having a blog

• Curious about the basics of digital marketing and how they can get more traffic to their website

3. Passive advisor

A passive advisor is defined as an advisor who has a website that they update frequently and they also have a blog that they update 1-2 times a month. While they understand the value of having a blog, they have a hard time making it a priority in their day to day activities.

Habits and characteristics of a passive advisor:

• Regularly makes updates to their websites

• Adds content to their blog at least once a month

• New blog content could be either original content written by the advisor or content created by the enterprise

• Interested in learning digital marketing strategies and how they can apply to their website

• Leverages the Digital Agent service team to learn and improve their website and blog

4. Active Advisor

Have 100% of advisors who are actively using Digital Agent is every enterprise’s goal. By leveraging the full capabilities of Digital Agent advisors will see results from their efforts. So what defines an active advisor? An active Digital Agent advisor is someone who regularly updates their websites and has a blog that new articles are posted to at least 5 times a month.

Habits and characteristics of an active advisor:

• Regularly signs in makes updates and adds new blog content

• Leverages the resources provided to them to increase their digital marketing knowledge and knowledge of Digital Agent

• Treats their website as an important part of their overall personal branding and marketing strategy

• Sets aside time on a consistent basis to improve and create content

By understanding these four personas and knowing which advisors fall into which categories, financial marketers can be better equipped to educate and train on the value of digital marketing and Digital Agent. When they have a better understanding of advisors can start to move towards the next personal level with more activity.