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Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in San Francisco on February 26-27, 2019.

Join us to network and learn from over 200 thought leaders, experts and professionals across North America at the unique event.

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Why is Veriday going to DMFS?

As an organization, we aim to provide strategic insight into the challenges faced by financial firms to then arm financial marketers with tools and tactical steps that marketers can take to positive change in your organization.

There are hundreds of conference throughout the year that you may choose to attend. Veriday present at DMFS because we repeatedly hear that it is one of the few conference that directly relates to the role of a marketer in Financial services.

Veriday’s Speaking Session

Throughout all of our presentations, our goal is to deliver valuable insights to marketers. As such, our CEO, Marc Lamoureux will discuss:

Smarter Content Personalization Strategies: The Missing Link In Customer Marketing

Personalization should go beyond attaching a first name in an email. Customers expect personalized content and want a human connection with organizations. Financial firms must explore smarter content personalization strategies that force them to think about their audiences and the context for their various interactions; a prerequisite for delivering great customer experiences!

Develop a blueprint to:

•  Find a fit for content personalization
•  Extract insight from existing information
•  Prioritize strategies and audiences

Walk away with a five-point plan for implementing the right omnichannel personalization strategies.

To attend our presentation and many others, register for DMFS New York today.

Be sure to use our VIP Code for 20% off: VER20 

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What is DMFS?

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit is a two day conference that is presented by The Strategy Institute. This event brings together over 200 people to gain critical insights from over 40 thought leaders.

13+ Case Studies

12+ Hours of Networking

25+ Financial Institutions

40+ Speakers

Why Attend?

The largest event for financial marketers

Build trust and differentiate your brand at the largest digital marketing forum for financial services in the U.S.

Innovate at the speed of digital

Increase the pace at which your organization adapts to change. Learn new strategies that impact the way people are doing business.

Build your Team – Connect with industry leaders

Join leaders in financial marketing to network and engage with some of the top companies that help financial marketers.

Eliminate organizational roadblocks for digital transformation

Combine clear strategy with tactical implementation to bring theory into practice. Create engagement, optimize performance and ultimately raise profits for your enterprise.